Whether you’ re inquiring for yourself, or a friend, we thank you for your interest in GriefShare.  GriefShare is a Grief Support Group that reaches out to those that are experiencing grief through the loss of a loved one.  It is our experience that one does not just “heal with time” after the loss of a loved one.  It has also been our own experience that friends and family, as well-intended as they may be, cannot necessarily help promote the healing that is needed.  Healing, after grief, is a journey.  We have heard of many that, even years after losing a loved one, still struggle with unresolved emotional difficulties.  It is the purpose of GriefShare to help facilitate moving you forward on this journey of grief…to find answers, comfort and hope.

The GriefShare program is a 14 week course.  Each session targets a particular aspect of the grief process.  These sessions are comprised of discussions, DVD’s presented by well known professionals and counselors (all who have experienced grief themselves), and a workbook.  Your loss does not need to be recent.

There is a small cost for the program which includes the 14 week program, workbook and refreshments.  If you would like any further information or have additional questions, we invite you to contact us.

David and Christy Telling